Jonathan Matthew Smith
January 24, 1982  -  November 8, 2018

Jonathan Matthew Smith, age 36, died November 8th, 2018. He was born January 24th, 1982 to Richard and Mary Smith in Long Beach, California. He lived many places over the years, including Wichita, Independence, and Elk City, Kansas. Most recently he resided in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, with his love and best friend Christina Hudson.
Jon, as he was known to most, only responded to his full name when being scolded by his mother. He often had a smile on his face and the ability to lighten the mood in a room by his very presence. Rarely did he speak an unfavorable word about anyone. When he did, it was always the truth, and never with malice. His sense of humor was unique, so much so that, sometimes, he was the only one who got the joke, but his laughter was contagious, often causing those around him to join in his joy.
Jon had an almost unhealthy love of mopar's, a love that began with his father. They had many conversations about horse power, torque, and engine sizes over the years. It was like their own language. Many years later his love of mopar's, and cars in general, led him to his career path. As a mechanic, Jon often undercharged for his services, because many of his customers had low incomes. He often showed his generosity and kindness in these small ways.
Jon enjoyed spending time with friends. He would often arrive at a gathering or party with a new or unusual beer. Sometimes imported, sometimes a local microbrew, but what he brought was always unique. He had an adventurous palate and encouraged others to join him in trying his new find. Whenever a song he enjoyed played on the stereo, he would join his friends and sing along.
Jon had an almost allergic reaction to having his picture taken. Whenever a camera was pointed his direction, he would cover his face. Imagine his terror when everyone started carrying phones with built-in cameras. Occasionally someone might take a lucky photo, but usually someone would have to coax him into letting a photo be taken. Despite his shyness around cameras, he was an outgoing man, never shy about stating his opinion.
Jon had a compassion for animals that started at a young age and continued into adulthood. Many times, he would bring home a sickly-looking animal to care for, no matter the smell. He never tired of the company of a dog or cat. It was his nature to look out for those less fortunate than himself.
Jon loved, and was loved by many. He left this earth far too early, leaving behind the love of his life Christina Hudson, his parents Richard and Mary Smith, two brothers Vaughn and Stephen Smith, and many friends and extended family too numerous to list. He will be missed by all who knew him. Services are 10:30 a.m. Thursday, November 8th, 2018 at the First Assembly of God Church, Independence, Kansas. A visitation will be held 6-8 p.m. at Webb & Rodrick Chapel and Crematory.

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